Best Hiring Practices for Small Businesses

Last month, Paul Willetts spoke at the Downtown Windsor Business Accelerator about considerations for small business as they engage new people – whether as employees, interns, or contractors – to support their business as it grows.

New and growing businesses can take a number of proactive steps when expanding their team to avoid unexpected liability down the road. Four of the most effective measures that a small business can put in place to protect their operations are:

  • To develop and use enforceable written employment agreements;
  • To engage contractors in the right circumstances;
  • To become informed of the duty to provide reasonable accommodations in the workplace; and
  • To understand how volunteers and unpaid interns may be properly used within their operations.

If you would like to learn more about any of the issues above, please check out the Presentation Slides, or contact Paul directly: or 1.800.296.7989.

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